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Backstage Preface

Thank you all for your support in our endeavor to change the world one laugh at a time. As we continue to evolve and learn we want to take you on that ride with us. So at the end of each weekly laugh, we will have a section called “Backstage This Week …” which will […]

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Backstage – The Week of Sept 3 – Sept 9

Thanks for everyone’s support in reading our messages, coming to our shows and giving us notes of encouragement. We are doing well and are continuing to add more structure to our┬ábehind the scenes process. This week we have redone our┬áchecklists, refined our systems, honed the process and are continuing to learn from the past in […]

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Backstage – The Week of Aug 27 – Sept 2

We are getting excited about the next show. Joel Byars, our headliner this month who has performed internationally, was our teacher for both comedy I & II and started us on this path of “Get Your Laugh On.” We are thrilled to bring him, LueLue and Isaac to the stage Sept 4 for an all […]

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Backstage – The Week of Aug 20 – Aug 26

Hello Reader, Another great week. Our comedians are excited about the show Sept 4. Last two shows were almost sellouts. People have already bought tickets for the Sept show. We are putting our group sales initiative into place. Sent out a few invites to groups around the city. Continue to hone our marketing message and […]

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Backstage – The Week of Aug 13 – Aug 19

This has been an amazing week. The show was a success with over 43 people coming. We are now moving to the big room. Yeah!!! This means we have room for more than 100 people. The magazine article with the show featured was released (see https://www.myajc.com/lifestyles/laughing-out-loud/DGKFFevqLJXcm4mZjTev4N/). There are people interested in group purchases. And finally, […]

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Backstage – The Week of Aug 6 – Aug 12

This is the 4th backstage installment. What do you think about the backstage idea. Love to hear from you. Hit the reply button right now and give us feedback. This week we focused on sales. Sent out more personalized emails, told everyone we met about the show (some of you receiving this now are in […]

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Backstage – The Week of July 24 – Aug 5

We are back again with our 3rd backstage installment. This week we launched our group sales program, YEAH!!! (see the website for details if interested). With group sales we are targeting people that are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, want an opportunity for team building, or just want a fun night out with friends and/or […]

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Backstage – The Week of July 16 – 23

Here is our 2nd installment of BACKSTAGE: a behind the scenes view of “Get Your Laugh On Comedy Shows.” This week we continue to stretch our skills with continued marketing efforts by working group sales offers. The idea is to create an opportunity for companies and organizations to have a “Team Building Tuesday” (still working […]

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Backstage – This Week of July 9 – 15

Last show was awesome with a sell out crowd. This week we are working on our marketing efforts. Getting the word out is the biggest hurdle we have to attack at this time. We have a good format and great comedians (our surveys consistently support that data feedback). Now it’s about getting the word out. […]

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